The Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8 Project, powered by Zwift will be held during a two-day window from 5th to 6th June 2022 at the Dekra Lausitzring, one of the most famous race tracks in Germany.

After an exhaustive global search for the fastest possible course and accounting for factors including time zones, climate, wind, altitude, track surface, and layout, Pho3nix has determined the Dekra Lausitzring will provide the optimum conditions for four of the most successful and decorated athletes in Olympic and triathlon history to write their name in the history books.

The Dekra Lausitzring is an incredible racing complex and automotive proving grounds used by Europe’s premier vehicle manufacturers, the German Touring Car (DTM) Championship series, and the Superbike World Championship. Acquired by European vehicle inspection company DEKRA in 2017, it is the base for global testing of some of the biggest automotive car dealers including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren.


The home of triathlon’s most passionate fanbase, and to Europe’s only oval superspeedway – the Lausitzring. Dekra Lausitzring is Europe’s premier testing centre for vehicle research and development featuring the World-famous Eurospeedway and the 5.8km High Speed Test Oval used by the World’s leading automotive companies. With its pulsating atmosphere and unique backdrop, Dekra Lausitzring is an extraordinary venue for an extraordinary event.


12 ºC


23 ºC


60 %


9.4 km/h


116 m


CET +1




To attempt going faster than anyone previously, requires a fast course. It requires the best possible combination of optimal conditions across swim, bike and run courses including courses with the minimum possible amount of turns and disruption of pace on the bike leg.

The swim will be held in Lake Senftenberg, a large body of water allowing a point-to-point swim. The bike leg is the most crucial of all and the fast smooth road surfaces from the swim to Dekra Lausitzring and on the Dekra Lausitzring High Speed Oval is ideal.

The track provides easy entry/exit of the support athletes during the race, and the closed venue ensures no risk of disruption to the race. Like the bike leg, the run course is looped with no dead or slow-speed turns to navigate.

Dekra Lausitzring is an iconic international sporting venue which provides a remarkable backdrop for a truly extraordinary attempt.

The Sub7 and Sub8 3.8km swim leg will take place in Lake Senftenberg: a 1,300-hectare man-made lake 10 kilometers away from Dekra Lausitzring. The size of the lake facilitates a straight point-to-point swim course to minimise turns and maximise speed. On this 3.8-kilometer leg, the athletes will need to approach the average world record pace over 1500m: 6.2Kph (men) and 5.0Kph (women), or swimming 100 meters every minute. The men and women will begin at different times, delivering two separate head-to-head races.

From Lake Senftenberg the athletes will navigate the 19.9km road taking advantage of prevailing and historical wind conditions on fast open German roads to blast onto the Lausitzring’s 5.85km Test Oval, the main course for the bike and run legs. The Test Oval, with long straight stretches and no dead or slow speed turns, will enable the athlete’s support teams (pacers) to swap in and out with ease. The potential for significant gains is greatest over this 180-kilometer bike leg. They will complete 27 laps, plus a partial lap of 3.4km to finish the bike. The athletes will need to achieve an average pace of 45-50 kph, similar to that of a Tour de France time-trial stage. Put into context, the men’s UCI hour record is 55km and the women’s is 48km.

The charge to go Sub7 or Sub8 doesn’t let up for the run either, with the support teams playing another crucial role in helping the athletes stay on target as they attempt to complete the marathon distance. The run will be conducted completely within the Dekra Lausitzring High Speed Oval with athletes running in an anti-clockwise direction on the 5.8km loops.


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