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Kristian Blummenfelt




BIRTHPLACE: England, United Kingdom

RESIDENCE: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

TEAM: Team Bottrill


Champion 2022 National Road Bike 25-mile TT Champion
2nd 2nd, 2021 National 50-mile TT
2nd 2nd, 2019 National 25-mile TT
PB 100-mile Cycling PB: 3:26:45 (2021 National 100-mile TT)
PB 50-mile Cycling PB: 1:37:47 (2020 Velo Club Cumbria 50-mile TT)
PB= 25-mile Cycling PB: 46:10 (2019 Bynea CC 25 mile-TT)
PB 10-mile Cycling PB: 18:18 (2017 Swift 10 mile-TT)


Phil Williams is the 2022 UK national 25-mile time trial champion. Taking the path his coach Matt Bottrill has trodden before him, this fulltime telecoms engineer has focused on smashing out stellar time trial performances from the 10-mile all the way up to the 100-mile.

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Sub7 Sub8 Friday Wrap

Sub7 Sub8 Friday Wrap

At the Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8 Project, Powered by Zwift, today was yet another day of swim, bike and run, with race day finally confirmed as happening on June 5th.

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